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Omniscience offers military-grade, distributed data mining algorithms, a diverse array of public and private data sources, and connectors to popular SaaS and enterprise software technologies as a SaaS product. We find the unknown-unknowns by cross-connecting data at unprecedented scale, speed and accuracy.

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We are looking for customers and channel partners focused on the pharmaceutical, retail, banking, and auto industries. Please email us if you would like to receive a demo or learn more.

Million2 matrix computations
Pilots AtFortune10
In-Memory processing
Elite Scientific Board
1 Week Install

Typical Engagements

Customers provide us with the key problem or use case. Using open and/or internal data sources we rapidly generate clusters and apply our proprietary algorithms to prove our accuracy and scalability, compared to their existing solutions, with reports for marketing, finance, data science and IT teams. Depending on the use case, we connect open and internal data to our platform, or install our algorithms and public data connectors on your existing data management infrastructure. Our Omniscientists can also build custom connectors, data platforms, and parallelize your algorithms as needed.


  • Homomorphic encryption for security, regulatory and contractual needs.
  • On-cloud, on-premise, or hybrid
  • Drag-and-drop to create data and analytical workflows
  • SFDC, Inquira, SurveyMonkey, Splunk, Oracle, SharePoint, Exchange connectors pre-built
  • One-click marketing segmentation, fraud, operational analytics, facial recognition, and tumor detection

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